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Fox-Rich Textiles, is a converter, importer and exporter of various fabrics that go into many product areas. Also, through associated companies, we are involved in many other facets of the textile business such as financing companies in textile-related industries and retail sales.

Our fabrics find their way into a myriad of end uses such as government, hunting and camping accessories and clothing, theatrical and many more. Our government specification fabrics range from cloth for wiping rags to a special fabric used to restore old airplanes. Our hunting and camping fabrics range from camouflauge T-shirt material to a laminated fleece that is waterproof and breathable in which the inner layer will absorb perspiration and the outer layer will wick moisture away from the body. Our theatrical fabrics range from muslin upon which scenery is painted to 36 foot wide inherently flame retardant fabrics in colors.

Our goal is to provide customers with competitive prices and on-time deliveries without compromising the quality of our product. We maintain a large greige and finished inventory on most standard fabrics.

One benefit of doing business with Fox-Rich is that we have a tremendous knowledge of almost all of the facets of the textile industry. Few converters produce the range of fabrics that we do. We are willing to share this with you. Even if we can't supply a fabric to you, we will work hard to help you find what you need knowing that this will pay off for us in the future.

Jim Reich, Sr.
President, Fox-Rich Textiles, Inc.

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