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Odor Testing

Summary of Fabric Odor Testing Experiments

An analytical protocol was developed to measure and compare odor production as influenced by garments produced from various fabrics. Pouches containing a material which exhibits a high affinity for absorbing odor were secured to the outside underarm region of human subjects wearing various test garments. Following exposure, the pouches were subjected to independent laboratory analysis and total odor compounds were measured. Comparisons were performed on fabric with Ab-Scent and regular fabrics.

The test results are summarized into a series of table and corresponding bar graphs which display the fabric type versus the concentration of odor measured on the outside of the garment. The tables also list the percent reduction in odor which was achieve by the test fabrics relative to regular fabrics.

The independent laboratory tests confirm that a jersey with Ab-Scent reduced odor by 81-83% as compared to a regular fabric jersey. In comparison tests of regular twill versus Ab-Scent twill reductions in odor in the range of 89-91 were documented. Finally, fleece garments produced with Ab-Scent and regular fleece fabrics were compared. Once again, the Ab-Scent fleece showed significant reduction in odor (33-48%) compared to the regular fabric.

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