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Fox-Rich Textiles, Inc. and Lynch Worldwide have reached an agreement regarding the printing of Lynch's Superflauge Game™ pattern on Fox-Rich's Ab-Scent™ line of fabrics.

Fox-Rich's Jim Reich said "this is a perfect marriage between two important products for the Hunting Industry--Superflauge Game™ camouflauge pattern and the Ab-Scent™ scent-suppressing line of fabrics. Both brands are growing quickly and this union will help sustain their growth."

Ab-Scent™ and Superflauge Game™ are both known to be premium products at affordable prices.

From Bowhunter Magazine, May, 2004
By Curt Wells, Equipment Editor

Ab-Scent has a patent pending on it proprietary technology, so the company wouldn't tell me how Ab-Scent works. I do know Ab-Scent is not a carbon-based product, and it's not a "plain" anti-microbial. What sets Ab-Scent apart from other products, according to inventor Jim Reich, is that it eliminates all odors, not just human odors caused by bacteria. Ab-Scent has been tested in an independent laboratory, and the 40 licensees currently signed up to use the technology make clear the secret is out in terms of performance. Ab-Scent is adaptable to both undergarments and outer shell fabrics, it lasts the life of the garment, and it is reasonably priced. Look for Ab-Scent in various clothing lines.

From Oologah Lake Leader, Thursday, Dec. 18, 2003
Gifts for a Hunter
by Ron, Barnett, Outdoor Correspondent

Fox-Rich Textiles Inc. has joined forces with Ace Sportwear Inc. to deliver some excellent Ab-Scent camouflauge hunting apparel. Their hunting lcothes are some of the best at scent control. It doesn't get much better than theirs. I've had some awesome experiences with their goods. For more information, contact

From Oologah Lake Leader, Thursday, Sept 5, 2002
Outdoor Notes
by Ron, Barnett, Outdoor Correspondent

For those who will try to outwit the wily whitetail and fool his nose, Fox-Rich textiles is now offering AB SCENT. The product is offered as an undergarment or as hunting clothes designed to eliminate the scent of a hunter. These type products are excellent and most work as advertised. I intend to give mine a workout...To help control your scent, try the new undergarments from AbScent. Mine kept a 350 pound black bear from smelling me at eight yards while on a recent trip to colorado. Their line can be seen at

From National Bowhunter, Special Fall Issue 2001
Amazing New Ab-Scent™ Scent Stopper Fabric Is Now Available in SuperFlauge™ Camo!

Ridgefield, CT -- With secret, proprietary technology, Fox-Rich Textile's Ab-Scent fabric stops your scent and makes you virtually undetectable to big game. Completely durable, Ab-Scent fabric stand up to wash after wash and is effective in all seasons and climates. Now, Fox-Rich, Lynch WorldWide and Ace Sportswear have teamed up to produce a remarkable new camo line with Ab-Scent fabric in the finest camo pattern ever designed, SuperFlauge.

Clothing made with Ab-Scent requires no special care because it has no extra layers. It maintains a high comfort level in any field situation, hot or cold, wet or dry. Ab-Scent does not change the fabric, so cottons stay breathable; jerseys stay comfortable and all Ab-Scent fabrics maintain their strength. "You won't know Ab-Scent is there and your game won't know you are there, either!" say Ab-Scent spokesman Addy Chopra.

"We are proud to partner with Fox-Rich and Ace to produce camo with Ab-Scent fabric in SuperFlauge," says Lynch President Allen Jenkins. "Our rich 3-D pattern is ideally for this advance in wearable cloth technology. A hunter wearing Ab-Scent in SuperFlauge will probably double his chances of hunting completely undetected."

"We are often asked how Ab-Scent works," says Jim Reich of Fox-Rich. 'It doesn't matter how it works! It does work, well--and we have independent testing results to prove it. Our textile process is an industrial secret."

Independent laboratory tests confirm that jersey fabric with Ab-Scent reduces odor by a remarkable 81=83% compared to regular jersey. Testing regular twill fabric versus Ab-Scent twill, reduction sin odor of 89-91% were documented. Fleece garments with Ab-Scent show a reduction in odor of 33-48% compared to regular fabric.

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