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Look for Ab-Scent™ in the following consumer and trade publications: Archery Business, Arrow Trade, Bowhunting World, Peterson's Bowhunting, Peterson's New Gear Guide, Shot Show Guide

Introducing The Ab-Scent Edge.

With his ultra-keen sense of smell, he's likely to get a good whiff of you before you even get a shot off. Which means another lost trophy. Unless your clothing has Ab-Scent. You see, this revolutionary, scent-stopping fabric makes you and everything about you completely indetectale. Even to his finely-tuned sniffer. Ab-Scent performs perfectly in any climate or season, for the life of the garment. Ab-Scent also retains its durability, while giving you the best in wearable breathable comfort. There are no extra layers so special laundry requirements, either. And because it's more economical than other methods, you'll have money left over. Give yourself a better shot at this wiley old codger. Get the Ab-Scent edge where you buy hunting clothing.

Look for the tag that gives you the edge.
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